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Thursday, September 7

10:15am CDT

Don't Get Painted Into a Hybrid/Mobile Web Corner
Todd Britson has been building and leading mobile applications since 2009. He has experiences pushing and supporting small mobile application to running multi-million user application. Once of the apps he led was shown at WWDC 2014 by Tim Cook, as an Apple Partner app! So, come learn from Todd’s experiences and don’t get painted into a hybrid/mobile web application corner!

In this session, you will learn the right time and wrong time to choose a Hybrid solution. Todd will share his experiences and why one path is usually much better than the other. He will talk about all stages of the application from development, to support and making new releases. He has experience with supporting both large scale Hybrid and Native apps and can share real world experiences. At this session, you will learn how a hybrid solution could cost more to develop, surprised? Regardless if you are a .Net shop considering Xamarin, Java shop thinking Appcelerator or Cordova (PhoneGap), planning or going native; let’s get together and discuss what the right solution is. There are many options with mobile development and many considerations. Here you will learn about many mobile application development approaches and at the end we can discuss any that were missed.

avatar for Todd Britson

Todd Britson

Director of Solution Development, CRi

Thursday September 7, 2017 10:15am - 11:00am CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

11:15am CDT

Application data integration with SQL Server Integration Services
What do you do when your team is tasked with integrating multiple applications from multiple vendors with your organization's own in-house applications? What does integration mean to the users of the applications, to your technical team, and to the 3rd parties vendors? This session is a review of a real-world example of the approaches considered and the path took on such a project. We'll cover the constraints of the project, discuss the pro's and con's of the approach taken, and also cover what has worked, what could be better, and how it will be improved.

This session will be a high-level discussion on the use of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) as a data integration tool, SQL Server as an integration database, DB2 as the in-house application database, ASP.net as a user front end, and finally the integration tools provided by various 3rd party vendors. Please join to learn from this projects teams experiences and to share your own.

avatar for Chuck Hanson

Chuck Hanson

The Roads Group, INC

Thursday September 7, 2017 11:15am - 12:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

1:15pm CDT

Measuring the Impact of Product Design in a DevOps World
DevOps is a cultural mindset that values continuous improvement with a focus on the processes and practices that enable cross-functional teams to deliver quality software with efficiency and speed. With most delivery teams focused on implementing those practices to achieve continuous delivery of software, a key question still remains unanswered: How does continuous delivery of software affect User Experience and Product design?

In this session, we will look at different ways to resolve some of the most common challenges experienced by both designers and developers when implementing a product design strategy. We will explore how design and development practices can be seamlessly integrated together to achieve the benefits of a high-performing software delivery team as they continue their DevOps journey. Finally, we will look at how to measure the effectiveness and impact of product design and user experience as it is delivered continuously to customers and users of our applications.

avatar for Audrey Crane

Audrey Crane

Audrey is a Partner at DesignMap, where we design complex web and mobile products for B2B clients like Docker and Salesforce, Schwab and eBay. She started in high tech nearly 20 years ago as an Executive Producer at Netscape. For 6 years she worked at Dubberly Design Office with clients... Read More →
avatar for John Weland

John Weland

Solutions Consultant, Deliveron Consulting Services
John Weland is the co-founder and Solution Consultant at Deliveron Consulting Services.  Deliveron is a leading technology consulting company focused on delivering software products and solutions that create differentiation and innovation for our customers.  

Thursday September 7, 2017 1:15pm - 2:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

2:15pm CDT

Why I Hate Your Responsive Website
Responsive web design is all the rage today…as it should be: responsive design solves a very significant form factor problem in a mobile-first world.
Just one problem: Too many responsive websites suck. Badly. Many are just a predictable mix of a fancy header bar; a giant, completely useless hero image—just to make it clear that you must scroll; endlessly long pages with just about everything but what you are looking for; promising links that send you back to what you were just looking at; scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling; and a useless fat footer to signify your scrolling has mercifully come to an end. Oh yeah—and a hamburger menu (regardless of need) just to emphasize that it works on your phone too.
In this talk, Everett will review what responsive UX design is all about, both good and bad. Next, he will explore why so many responsive sites commit an unpardonable sin—putting appearance over usability and good mobile design. Finally, he will propose some design principles to restore some sanity to responsive design.

avatar for Everett McKay

Everett McKay

Principal, UX Design Edge
UX Design Edge

Thursday September 7, 2017 2:15pm - 3:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

3:15pm CDT

Mapping the User's Journey
Do you feel like you don't actually know your users? Do they struggle through the flow of your website, and you don’t know why?

This session will go over empathy mapping and how that will help you to relate to your users better. We will also go over user journey mapping, which will help to deliver some action items on all the pain points and questions your users have while going through your workflow.

avatar for Courtney Heitman

Courtney Heitman

Scrum Master & UX Developer, Gallup, Inc.
Farm girl turned tech nerd. Foodie. Baker. Passionate about making the web more useable for everyone.

Thursday September 7, 2017 3:15pm - 4:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII
Friday, September 8

10:15am CDT

Getting Started With Kubernetes
Kubernetes is the operating system for the datacenter. It allows you to deploy your applications onto self-healing infrastructure, with built in resource management, replication, rolling deployments, scheduled jobs and more. With more organizations moving to microservices and containers, having a capable and flexible orchestration solution is becoming vital.

This session will give you a view of Kubernetes from the ground up. You'll learn it's design, features, limitations, how to set up a cluster and how to deploy resilient, replicated services onto that cluster. We will also discuss the ecosystem, the development lifecycle and where Kubernetes is headed next.

avatar for John Hobbs

John Hobbs

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Flywheel
John is a senior infrastructure engineer at Flywheel writing Ruby and Go to manage their hosting platform.  He is the organizer of the Omaha Gophers meetup, and has co-organized NEJS Conf for five years.  After hours he enjoys time with his wife and three children, manages gifs... Read More →

Friday September 8, 2017 10:15am - 11:00am CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

11:15am CDT

Development vs. Testing: Overcoming The Cultural Divide
This session would be organized around a panel comprised of developers, automated testers, and quality assurance professionals sharing with the audience their experiences working with each other toward a common goal. The audience will be able to engage the panel with their questions as the members of the panel provide case studies, trials and tribulations, and best practices around this traditionally tumultuous working relationship.

The goal of the session will be to help professionals of both camps bridge the cultural divide between these two groups gaining new perspectives on how to create highly effective teams. The emergence of the automated tester will also be discussed as a key contributor to finding common ground as a member of the team which wears both hats.

avatar for Chris Fullinlaw

Chris Fullinlaw

Information Technology & Services, Werner Enterprises
Are you a developer, a quality assurance professional or maybe an automated test developer then you will have a lot in common with our panelists? Get great perspectives from some the best in the business.
avatar for John Oerter

John Oerter

Are you a developer, a quality assurance professional or maybe an automated test developer then you will have a lot in common with our panelists? Get great perspectives from some the best in the business.
avatar for Tracy Ortgies

Tracy Ortgies

Quality Assurance, PaymentSpring
Are you a developer, a quality assurance professional or maybe an automated test developer then you will have a lot in common with our panelists? Get great perspectives from some the best in the business.
avatar for Bruce Peterson

Bruce Peterson

Regional Manager, Aureus Group - Systems & Technology Division
Are you a developer, a quality assurance professional or maybe an automated test developer then you will have a lot in common with our panelists?  Get great perspectives from some the best in the business. 
avatar for Matt Ruwe

Matt Ruwe

Managing Consultant, Sogeti
Are you a developer, a quality assurance professional or maybe an automated test developer then you will have a lot in common with our panelists? Get great perspectives from some the best in the business.
avatar for Neil Suryanaranyana

Neil Suryanaranyana

QA Practice leader, Physicians Mutual
Are you a developer, a quality assurance professional or maybe an automated test developer then you will have a lot in common with our panelists? Get great perspectives from some the best in the business.

Friday September 8, 2017 11:15am - 12:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

1:15pm CDT

Building Microservices with Spring and Cloud Foundry
This session will introduce a set of tools for building cloud-native JVM applications. We will take a look at some of the common patterns for microservice architectures and how to use Cloud Foundry to deploy multiple microservices to the cloud.

We will also dive into a microservices example project of a cloud-native application built using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Using this example project, you’ll be shown how to use Cloud Foundry to deploy and operate a cluster of microservices. We will then explore what a large multi-container cloud-native application looks like when using self-describing REST APIs that link multiple microservices together.

avatar for Kenny Bastani

Kenny Bastani

Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal
Kenny Bastani works at Pivotal as a Spring Developer Advocate. As an open source contributor and blogger, Kenny engages a community of passionate developers on topics ranging from graph databases to microservices. He is also a co-author of O’Reilly’s Cloud Native Java: Designing... Read More →

Friday September 8, 2017 1:15pm - 2:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII

2:15pm CDT

What we learned from TDD (besides T and D)
During our journey to implement Test Driven Design, we chose to use TDD katas to teach the team in small, bite-sized chunks. Along the way, we learned a great deal about unit tests and how they can drive design. However, we also learned some valuable team skills and highlighted some misconceptions we had been carrying.

Come learn how TDD can highlight just how far away you team members may be from each other (code/design-wise), what causes friction on the team, how people approach problems, and what can be taught by code examinations. We'll show how TDD can highlight and cross-pollinate best practices, coding styles, modern language element usage, and even cause friction for those who may prefer to overengineer systems (and what you can do to smooth that over). Along the way, we'll cover just what exactly is a TDD kata and how you can add it to your toolbox.

This session is appropriate for anyone working on a development team (developers, testers, managers). .NET experience is not necessary although code examples will be shown using C#.

avatar for Rob Nickolaus

Rob Nickolaus

Director of IT, Arbor Day Foundation
For the past 25 years, Rob has been a software developer, IT manager, ScrumMaster, marketer, and business owner. Rob focuses on how technology can be a business catalyst rather than an anchor. He is the Director of IT for the Arbor Day Foundation and organizer of the Lincoln Agile... Read More →

Friday September 8, 2017 2:15pm - 3:00pm CDT
Windsor VII-VIII
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